Monday, 27 March 2017

10 Thin Lizzy Songs to Play in a Cocktail Bar

When you are in a cocktail bar NYC, a great song is one of the best things to turn your boring night into a mind blowing one. Whether you want to dance on top of the bar or just want to feel the music, a nice song is an effective way to make your mood.
Thin Lizzy is a rock band from Dublin, Ireland. A charismatic rock star band, there was no else like them in the 70s and 80s. Choosing the 10 best Thin Lizzy songs is not a piece of cake; every song of Thin Lizzy is beautiful.  There are few songs that could have been invited to the party easily. So keeping that in mind, we are sharing top 10 Thin Lizzy songs that are perfect to play in a bar.

1.    Whiskey in the Jar”
This is Thin Lizzy’s most successful songs. This was a traditional Irish folk song adapted by Lynott and crew. From Paul to Metallica, the song has been covered by many over the years but Lizzy’s version is the most famous.

2.    “Dancing In the Moonlight”
It’s a pop song that swings and grooves as the guitar shares spotlight with a saxophone player.

3.    “The Rocker”
The rocker is one of the most beautiful songs of Thin Lizzy. It’s basically a rock and roll song and perfect to play in a cocktail bar NYC.

4.    “The boys are back in Town”
It is the superb Lizzy’s song and still heard on many cocktail bars. This is the most popular song of Thin Lizzy that most of America knows by the band.

5.    “Jailbreak”
This is one of the best guitar riffs the USA. The dual guitars of Brian Robertson and Scott Gorham make this song 100% pure rock and roll.
6.    “Cowboy Song”
Cowboy song is the typically Lizzy’s style song.  Co-written with drummer Brian Downey, it’s a beautiful song to play in a bar.

7.    “Don’t Believe a Word”
This song is from the album “Johnny the Fox” released in 1976.

8.    “Do anything you want to”
From the album “Black Rose”, this is without a doubt one of Thin Lizzy’s best songs.

9.    “Little Darling”
Little darling is a popular little pop track that also manages to rock out. A catchy song and delivered with a visceral punch is just great for cocktail bar NYC.

10.    “Emerald”
Emerald is of the Lizzy’s heaviest and most menacing songs and closes the ‘Jailbreak’ album in perfect order.

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